Who put the D in organized?

For those of you who know me, you might realize I have a problem with making a decision.  Glazed or frosted?  Cheese or plain? Sharp stick in the eye or one in my butt?
So imagine my surprise when I discovered today there are a lot of decisions to make in building a house.
Color of trim.  Color of cabinets.  Color of siding.  Color of wine I am going to need to drink on a regular basis to get through this.
And the stores we have to visit:  carpet place, appliance, wood floor guy, cabinet guy, The Rouge to load up on more wine to help me cope with the stress.
Now understand Jackie and I agree on most things.  Gosh knows after 42 years of marriage we should know each other pretty well.  So how come we have different tastes in cabinet pulls, door handles, interior paint, exterior paint, carpeting, appliances, selling all our investments and buying a home in France and just visiting Emily in the summer to watch the dogs....important stuff that seems to need to be decided and fairly soon.
I was told today to start a book.  Mike at ALM said the best thing I can do is get a huge canvass bag and color samples, chips, all that stuff should go in the bag.  And I need a notebook to write down all the questions and colors and models and numbers and sizes and deliveries and ..... And a binder to put stuff in I collect.  And whenever we go anywhere to shop or gather information, take the damn bag.
In other words.... I have to be organized, Mike said.
Has he heard of my basement?  Has he seen my closet?  Did he ever see my desk?
Organized!!!  Not part of my vocabulary.
I'm an old dog....I don't think I can learn new tricks.
So Jackie went and looked for a notebook to use.  Organized.  I have at least 10 spiral notebooks, each with about 12 pages.  None of them are big enough to hold the notes and stuff we are going to have to write down.  One only had two pages and no, I don't know why I saved it.  I will use it somewhere.
And when I make a decision, sometimes it is the wrong one!  Example:  Eddie Bauer classic fit jeans do not fit the same as Eddie Bauer loose fit jeans.  That is important to know before you buy two pairs of jeans and the 20 year old extremely pretty female sales clerk oozes, "No, they don't look too tight."
Tight!  I Can't Bend Over! 
Which means I have made some poor dietary decisions along the way also.
But in that respect I am organized.  You see, I know exactly where all those extra calories are!
Oops...glass is empty.  And that's not a reference to optimist, pessimist.....merely an observation about the wine.


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