Onward, we blindly slog

  Houston, we have a builder!
  Jackie and I have settled on a builder for our house.  O'Rorke Construction will begin within three weeks and hopefully will be done in September.  All we have to do is sign the final papers.
  We asked for bids from three builders and all three were wonderful people to talk with, and all offered suggestions that we felt we could use.  It is too bad we are not building three houses.
  But the bottom line is dollars.  We looked at all the proposals, wrote down differences, compared similarities and tried to put apples to apples.  Builders have different suppliers, different vendors, different sources and those differences get reflected in the price.
  The palace will be a little over 2,100 square feet.  It will be one level and will be handicapped accessible throughout.  Zero barrier entrances on the front door and garage and a low barrier entrance into the shower are among the oddities the house will have.  Also, any passageway will be able to accommodate a wheelchair, not that we'll ever need one.
  But I tell you, my hips have been killing me lately.  I have stopped walking the bike path because I am so sore when I am done.  Arch supports are your friend and you should maintain that friendship throughout life.  Maybe I'll be the one needing the wheel chair........
  We will be gone in June, so we are trying to make decisions before we leave....trim color, exterior colors, wood flooring to name a few.  Emily will be around, but she tends to have more expensive tastes than we do and we don't want to leave any major decisions for her.  Plus if she opts for a purple stain on the floor, we have to live with it.  Most of that "stuff" won't be done until after we get back, but we want to have all our plans laid out just in case.
  Irony.  We both taught for years.  We always said:  Even if you don't have kids in school, you benefit from education because those kids in the classroom today are the doctors, lawyers, mechanics and local retailers of tomorrow.  Stop complaining about the cost of educating children!
  Well, we said something along those lines.
  And here we are, no children, retired teachers, and we have an impact fee to pay to the county ROE to help defray costs to schools new construction can bring.
  Am I complaining?   Not a bit, just pointing out that little tidbit of irony.
  To celebrate, I went to The Rouge last night for a glass of red.   I have a feeling I will be needing more of that as the days go by.


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