Am I a klepto???

In the process of moving and organizing, I have decided to group things.  In our old houses when we looked for batteries there were AA in the desk drawer, D in the kitchen cabinet, AAA on the shelf in the pantry...... I had to look all over for a battery.  Now, thanks to the modern invention of Tupperware storage containers, all my batteries are in one spot.  Need a 9 volt?  Look in the plastic storage container in the pantry.  Mouse dead?  Storage container in the pantry.  Flashlight get the idea.
I sorted my screwdrivers:  Phillips head in one storage container, regular ones in another.  I put my wrenches in storage containers, regular and metric.
I think I have purchased 21 storage containers.  They are all over the place.  Now I find them with:  extension cords; computer cords; stuff from the desk; stuff I don't know where to put; things from my father  (besides madness and terrible foot odor).   I need a way to organize the storage containers.
I guess the natural th…

For Auld Lang Syne, my dear

Only a few hours left of 2012.
Normally a time to reflect, give thanks, contemplate life's changes. 2013 needs to be a new year in many ways. I was watching House Hunters international today and a couple were looking at a Paris apartment.  Their budget was 3 million.  That is 3,000,000.  Then ended up paying 4.3 million for an apartment hat had to be renovated. So Resolution One:  Become a millionaire during 2013.  That means write more articles. finish a book or two, sub more, spend less on coffee and wine, win the lottery.  Of all of those, winning the lottery seems to be the most realistic. Which leads me to Resolution Two:  Be realistic.  I vow to stop dreaming that Hollywood will discover my in a community theater show and make me the next Wilford Brimley.  That will never happen.  And I won't be discovered doing improv comedy with Exit 99 and we all go on Leno or Letterman.  That won't happen.  I know I can't lose 25 pounds.  That won't happen. Hence, (I love that …

A first Christmas in the new house

It is nearly our first Christmas in the new house.  I think I have said that at least 3 other times in my life, but this will be the last!
We have decorated as best we can.  There is some garland on the outside porch, a live tree in the great room, odds and ends of Christmas on the mantle and throughout the house.
I have carefully assembled my German carousel, which I bought in Germany during one of our forays into Europe.  This has three light candles and the heat of the candles rises, spinning some fans that turn the three levels.  On one layer there are shepherds, another has Mary, Joseph and the babe and another level has dancing naked ladies.
Just kidding.
I don't have a blue spruce to trim this year,which means I have 19 strands of outdoor c-9 bulbs that I will probably end up selling next year.  The blue spruce at our old house was about 30 foot at the tip top, which made it hard to get lights up without using a pole and hook for help.
Anyway, it's about 6 p.m.…

1 down, 192 to go

Wow.  We have been in the house one month!  If I live here until I am 80. that's only 192 months until I move into a smaller unit.
I have discovered a lot in the one month.
First off, you never have enough electrical outlets.  We have added one extra outlet in the yellow room and made a two plugger a four plugger in the bedroom.  We have a lot to plug in!
Second thing I have learned... we have a lot of Christmas stuff.  I had help lugging over  plastic tubs of trimmings and I believe I counted 22.  Not to mention the odds and ends that don't fit into tubs, and we have a lot of those too!
In some cases we didn't have enough.  Roping, for instance.  Someone decided the front porch would look nice draped in garland.  But the stuff we bought in '08 is no longer made, so the fine folks in China produced another, similar, mock pine that we bought and put up.  Imagine my surprise when I found out the male and female plugs were ON THE SAME ENDS!!  Who the freak makes something th…

Locked doors, geckos and a near encouter with a Famous Person

I used to think I was a pretty smart person.  Then we moved.
The new house has doors that stay locked unless you flip a little lever.  I don't seem to remember this.  Locked myself out of the garage once, but the car was open so I used the garage door opener.  Locked myself out of the house a second time, but Jackie quickly answered the door.
So it was with frosted bated (baited?  never could figure that out) breath that I closed the front door just as she was getting in the shower.
I could not get back in.  Front door locked, car locked, garage door locked.  And me with no key (or clue).  I was in a shirt and it was cold.  Very cold.  I rang the bell.  No answer.  I knew she would be in the shower for at least 10 minutes, if not longer.  Then the hair dryer would go on and she still wouldn't hear me.
So I broke into my own house.
I knew a basement window was unlocked.  I walked around the house, pushed the window up, climbed down through the bottom half of the window and made my w…

I still don't get it.

Whew!!  I am tired!!  I have spent part of the day putting away boxes of stuff.  I did find some interesting items:
I have a box of vacuum clean bags and belts.  Bags for Hoover, Eureka, maybe another one or two.  Trouble is, we have a bagless vacuum!!  Now I moved these bags from our house, to the townhouse, to the new house....three times!!  I still can't seem to just toss them!!
I saved the Nov. 5 1993 special section of the Chicago Tribune that profiled the Bulls without Michael Jordan.  Again, I have moved this three times!!
Can't find the rocks for Jackie's paperwhites.  I know they are here somewhere.
Moved two coffee pots..... don't drink coffee.  And there are two boxes of coffee filters.  Usually I offer people coffee when they are visiting.  But most people have had my coffee and prefer to just sip turpentine out of a glass bottle.  Just sayin', I don't do coffee very well.
Spent 14 days looking for the clips to hold the shelves up in our white IKEA cabin…


I am taking the time to assess life.  And offering Thanksgivings.
I am thankful that we went with the wider single garage doors.  Unfortunately, they are not wide enough for some people.
I am thankful that Julia celebrates a birthday tomorrow in Switzerland.  Unfortunately, she will not be with us.
I am thankful banks give out mortgages.  Unfortunately, we need one.
I am thankful Emily has 4 great dogs.  Unfortunately, they poop a lot.
I am thankful our instant on hot water system is providing hot water.  Unfortunately, I had several luke warm showers.  Not a bad thing, mind you.
I am thankful paint scrapes on cars can be buffed out.  Unfortunately, we have to have that done.
I am thankful for udder cream.  Unfortunately, my hands are killing me they are so dry.
I am thankful for friends and families.  No unfortunately about that.
I am thankful for my good health.  Unfortunately, I have some misgivings about that stress test today.
I am thankful for whomever left the peppermint schnapps at my h…